Believe Fundraising Program for Soccer Clubs

BelieveMovie-PosterAre you looking to raise some funds for your soccer club?  Why not share an award-winning movie to inspire kids with what soccer is really all about, while motivating friends, family, and neighbors to support your program?  The Believe Fundraising Program, created by Excel Entertainment, provides a simple and effective way to raise funds for your soccer club.

The Believe Fundraising Program is designed to be simple to execute.  All you need to do is purchase DVD copies of Believe at a reduced rate and sell them for whatever price you set.  You keep all the profit from your sales.  The movie carries a $19 MSRP, but it will only cost you $5 per DVD for orders greater than 200 units and $7 per DVD for any orders of 199 or less.  All orders are mailed to you with no additional shipping cost.  For example, if you purchase 200 copies of Believe and resell them for $10 a copy, you will make a profit of $1,000 (200 copies x $10 resell price – 200 copies x $5 unit cost).  Place your orders via PayPal by visiting  You will also find a sales sheet for your convenience there.

About Believe (2013):

Set in 1984, Believe follows the story of a young boy and his soccer team who turn their game (and their lives) around, thanks to the help of the legendary Manchester United football manager, Sir Matt Busby.  Even after the tragic 1958 Munich plane disaster, in which 8 of his young players lost their lives, Sir Busby remains committed to ‘training lads for life’.  In this ragtag gang, some of whom are already getting in trouble with the law, Sir Busby sees potential for the boys to become champions, in every sense of the word.  His mantra: “If you believe, you can score with your eyes shut.”  Believe is rated PG.[1]

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