Inspirational LDS Actors—Corbin Allred

Have you ever been so attached to an actor and his or her work that you want them to be a good person too? We naturally want to look up to people we idolize or look up to, especially if we aspire to achieve what they have achieved. Unfortunately, not all actors meet these expectations in real life. As a result, we might feel that we’d rather not know anything about the person. But, some actors are genuinely worth knowing for the way they inspire us, encourage us, and just reaffirm our belief in humanity. Corbin Allred is one of those.

Born on May 25th, 1979, Corbin started acting when he was just twelve years old. He’s had a number of minor roles in Hollywood films and television series over the years, such as Sabrina, The Teenage Witch and Teen Angel, but you’ve probably seen him more recently in films such as Saints and Soldiers and The Saratov Approach. He left at the pinnacle of his Hollywood career to serve an LDS mission in Australia from 1999 to 2001. He then graduated from Southern Utah University with a Biology/ Zoology, BA. Now a father and husband, he lives in Oregon, where he is attending graduate school.[1]

Corbin enjoys what he does. He loves being in the film industry and he intends to keep on acting and producing. At the same time, Corbin has expanded his talents and areas of interest, keeping him well-rounded. He is a fine actor/ producer, but he is also an accomplished musician, climber, paramedic, and he is working toward a physician assistant graduate degree. In an interview with Excel Entertainment in 2013 he advises others not only to pursue their passion wholeheartedly, but to also pursue other interests with equal passion to prevent desperation. This well-roundedness provides a sense of security and perspective, which keeps his work in the entertainment industry where he wants it to be in his life.[2]

Integrity has guided Corbin on his path to success, and he has let the Gospel guide his life. When it came time for him to serve a mission, many of his acting associates tried to dissuade him, saying that he would be sacrificing his career for his religion. He never wavered in his resolve, saying that any career that prevents him from serving God isn’t worth his time. Although he did serve a mission, he continues to enjoy success as an actor. Even now, his integrity helps him keep perspective on what he wants to do with film.[3] He doesn’t have to worry about whether or not he should take an embarrassing role to preserve his career.

Corbin knows what he wants out of life and acts accordingly. He takes care of his family. He pursues his interests. He aims to live his life in a way that pleases God, himself, and others. And he feels very blessed. In that 2013 interview, he was asked about where he aims to be in ten years with his career. He gave this insightful response:

“…I hope to have strong children who know who they are, ten more years of blissful marriage behind me, looking forward to eternity, and a clean conscience. I hope in ten years to say that those who love me most are proud of me, and that I’ve offended nobody—not even myself.”[4]

Corbin provides a fine example for all of us, especially those aspiring to a career in the film industry. He shows us how to succeed in film, while having a life outside of it. He also shows us that we can and should develop our creative talents, even if we do other things for a living.

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