Cokeville Miracle Review by the Christian Film Database

The Cokeville Miracle is a “powerful film that really shows what an awesome God we serve”, sums up the Christian Film Database. They thought that the emotional film well portrayed the miraculous story of the preservation of a group of students and teachers from a bomb explosion, as well as the protagonist’s progression from doubt to faith, as he tries to make sense of the miracle.

Based on actual events, the film shares the story of students and teachers taken hostage by David and Doris Young, a former Cokeville police officer and his wife. The couple gathered their victims into a single classroom and threatened to detonate a bomb unless payed a ransom in excess of $250 million. When the bomb goes off all the hostages are miraculously spared. Furthermore, the hostages testify of heavenly intervention, including visions of angels protecting them. The film’s protagonist, Ron Hartley, is skeptical of the witnesses’ accounts and must come to grips with his doubt, even as his own children numbered among the hostages. When all the evidence is supplied, the film leaves the conclusion up to the audience and questions: “When tragedy strikes…what do you see?”

The Christian Film Database had plenty of praise for the film. They lauded its portrayal as a “true story” and a depiction of a miracle in which glory is given to God. They also found the film’s themes of love and sacrifice moving and powerful. Finally, they recognized the film’s ability to explore facts and evidences to bring faith where there was doubt. A somber film, The Cokeville Miracle also appropriately balances genuine humor.

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